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Literacy Conference Resources Available Online

Did you miss this year's regional U.S. Conference on Adult Literacy?  ProLiteracy has generously made the resources from May's conference available online.  Simply go to the Workshops section of the page, and click on the workshop that interests you.  Workshop topics from the conference included preparing low level readers for the GED test, teaching comprehension strategies, and contextualized instruction. ProLiteracy has also made their video from the Preparing Low Level Learners for the GED Test workshop available online.  Watch it below! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjBRNiTmchc

Reading Reminder: YouTube Edition

YouTube can be a great resource, but sometimes it's difficult to know what to look for.  Here are our favorite phonics lessons on YouTube.  These videos could easily be integrated into a lesson with a learner, or simply used as preparation for a tutoring session. Mr. Thorne Does Phonics Mr. Thorne Does Phonics teaches comprehensive phonics in a way that is simple and easy to follow.  Though the lessons are written for a child audience, they are still appropriate to use with adults.  In addition to the video uploads, Mr. Thorne Does Phonics offers great playlists for topics including High Frequency Words, Reading Check, and Spellings & ...

GED Test Changes in 2014

It may seem crazy to be thinking about 2014 right now, but learners preparing to take the GED already are.  In January 2014, a new version of the GED test will be released and will include some major changes.  Most notably, the new test will be administered solely on computers and will include new technology-enhanced question types.  Learners will need to be able to scroll down a page, drag-and-drop answers to a graph or chart, navigate between tabs to read passages, type two short answers and two extended responses, copy and paste from passages into typed response areas, and select answers or symbols from a drop-down menu.  If your learner does ...

5 Financial Literacy Worksheets for Adults

April is Financial Literacy Month!  Here are our top 5 free resources about paying bills, budgeting, goal setting, and other financial skills that your learner may need help developing.  The following worksheets can be downloaded for free. 1.  Time to Pay Rent 2.  What's Eating Your Paycheck 3.  Really Simple Budget 4.  Tracking Your Expenses 5.  Smart Goals Worksheet Sources:  1. and 2. ProLiteracy Education Network, 3. Money Under 30 , 4. and 5.  Smart About Money

The First Day: Getting to Know Your Student’s Goals and Building a Lesson Plan

By Alex Howard, ELL Tutor Earlier this week, I had the chance to meet my new student, and I began thinking about how important that first session is. Here are a few notes and ideas about what to do on the first day. Preparation Take some time to organize your aims for your first meeting. You’ll want to discover as much about your student as possible, so it helps to have ideas written out beforehand. To get your student talking, have a few questions handy. Begin with simple, open-ended questions, and conversation starters: Tell me about your family. Why did you decide to come to the United States? Tell me about your job. Arrive a little early ...