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Learner Spotlight: Meet Jeanne

Jeanne devotes more hours learning with us each month than many of our learners do in a year. Dedicated is an understatement. After taking two buses and traveling one and a half hours each direction to come to class, Jeanne stays hours after class working on the computer to increase her skills through self-study.  She takes advantage of every extra opportunity to learn that we offer, frequenting Conversation Clubs in both West Nashville and Antioch. I told myself I will keep going to classes until I hear what people say when they talk to me.  My friends say I'm stupid.  Stupid or not...I will go to school. Jeanne came to the United States almost ...

Learner Spotlight: Meet Erskine

Erskine entered our program in 2002 through our partnership with Davidson County Drug Court.  With our help, he achieved his goals of finding employment and buying a house.  Erskine has been drug-free for fifteen years, and says he could not have achieved this without learning how to read. My whole life has changed.  If I hadn't started learning, there's no telling where I might be today.  If  I couldn't read, I couldn't stay clean.  I'm just grateful for having a program like this.  I never thought I was going to be blessed to learn how to read. What Education Means by Erskine Hyler Education means to me - You won't catch the wrong ...

Save the Date: Regional Literacy Conference May 2nd – 3rd

The regional U.S. Conference on Adult Literacy is coming to Nashville on May 2-3, 2013!  We are honored to be hosting this year’s conference in conjunction with the Tennessee Literacy Coalition. Workshop topics include: Preparing Low Level Learners for the GED Test Speaking to Groups (Adult Learner Workshop)* Teaching Adults to Read: Components of Reading Contextualized Instruction *Note: The adult learner workshop is FREE.  Please encourage your learner to attend! Find more information and a full schedule of events here.