A Statement from our Executive Director

I am reaching out today in light of the executive order on immigration issued Jan. 27 to bar entry into the United States from certain countries.

The Nashville Adult Literacy Council exists for every adult seeking to improve reading, writing and English skills, regardless of race, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation or political affiliation. NALC is a safe place for all people to learn and grow. We will continue to open our doors to everyone. We are committed to supporting our students, volunteers and staff.

I am reminded of a story my brother-in-law shared with me after a hurricane damaged his family’s home in Florida. He looked over the scene, and he thought aloud, “Where do we even start?” His wife brushed by without hesitation, reaching down to the ground. “Pick up the stick in front of you,” was all she said. It was the perfect place to begin.

We can help the person in front of us. It’s what we’ve done for 35 years. It’s what we will do today, and every day in the future. It’s how my brother-in-law rebuilt his house, and it’s how we will continue to build unity in our community.

If you would like to learn more about our work, please visit nashvilleliteracy.org. For more information on the recent executive order and what it means for Tennessee, please join this call hosted tonight by the Tennessee Immigrants and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC).

Join a call to learn what the latest executive order means for immigrants and refugee communities in Tennessee.

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