Smithsonian Exhibit is coming to Martha O’Bryan Center…

“Every day, Americans are hard at work keeping our communities thriving.  But, what would life be like without farmers, factory workers, teachers, doctors, or firefighters?”  This excerpt from a press release issued by Martha O’Bryan Center (MOBC) establishes the tone for “The Way We Worked,” a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition on view from May 9 to June 13 at MOBC’s main campus located at 711 South Seventh Street near downtown Nashville.
The Way We Worked Announcement
“The Way We Worked” explores this central element of American culture, tracing the many changes that have affected the workforce and work environments throughout the past 150 years.  Drawing from the Smithsonian’s rich collections of historical photographs, audio and film recordings, personal accounts from workers, and interactive elements, the exhibit tells the story of how work impacts our daily lives, as well as the historical and cultural tapestry of our communities.

Visit to learn about schedules of films from local filmmakers to be screened at Belcourt Cinema, plus guided tours and other companion programming.




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  • u4fifa
    June 5, 2016 (10:39 am)

    I’ve been through this!

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