NALC gets a spotlight on WSMV’s newscasts on May 5….


Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, May 5), reporter Terry Bulger from WSMV came out to our Nashville classrooms to film some great footage of a teaching session featuring one of our learner and tutor pairs.  We set everything up in Room 306 with Bulger and his cameraman the only ones privy to the film shoot because they wanted it to be a straight-forward and natural representation of what our programs are about.  This means that today, when the “Pay It Forward” slice-of-life segment airs within the newscast at 4:30PM to 5PM, and again 6:30PM and 7PM, we’ll be seeing it for the first time with you!  Be sure to tune in to WSMV, then email to know what you think about our appearance on TV!

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