Meet the Staff: Patty Swartzbaugh

PattySwartzbaughPatty Swartzbaugh started working with the Nashville Adult Literacy Council in 2009 as a volunteer tutor in the One-on-One Program. She worked with an English learner for two years and loved introducing her learner to American customs. During this time, Patty started working part time helping the NALC staff enroll learners in English classes around Nashville.

In 2011, Patty started as a full time employee, taking on the role of Program Manager. As Program Manager, Patty is in charge of all of the English, English Language Civics, and Citizenship classes we offer at the NALC. Today we are proud to offer 11 English classes, 4 EL Civics classes, and 4 Citizenship classes in various locations across Nashville.

Patty additionally trains volunteers to work with immigrant learners preparing to become citizens, manages our teaching staff for our classes, and runs an Elite Interview Group where volunteers conduct mock interviews with learners preparing to take the Citizenship test.

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