Meet the Staff: Julie Kramer

JulieKramerJulie Kramer started volunteering with the Nashville Adult Literacy Council in 2003. As an English tutor in the One-on-One Program, she felt like she had discovered her true passion in life. She grew to admire the learners she worked with and loved helping them achieve their goals. After several years, she decided to change her focus and volunteered in the Start Now Program. Next, Julie joined NALC staff as a part time small group leader for a literacy class at the Board of Probation & Parole, and later worked a few evenings each week at the West Nashville Office helping conduct assessments for new learners.

In 2011, Julie started as the ELL Specialist. In this role, Julie is responsible for enrolling new English learners who enter the One-on-One Program. She also serves as the primary contact for One-on-One Tutors who work with English learners. She trains these tutors to work with their learners and develops an ongoing relationship with the pair as the learner works towards acquiring English skills. Julie is available to answer any questions the learner or tutor may have as they work in our program.

Additionally, Julie coordinates our volunteer-led Conversation Clubs, and sometimes leads these herself. She also conducts some of the six month progress reviews of the pairs working on English in the One-on-One Program.

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