Tied in…to Learning

We currently have an assortment of ties available at our West Nashville office to accompany your donation to our program!  The ties, pictured below, are in a variety of colors and patterns.  The suggested donation amount is $15 for one tie or $25 for two.  A big thank you to Gerry who donated these ties, and suggested this fundraising opportunity.  All proceeds directly benefit the Nashville Adult Literacy Council.  Buy one for yourself or a friend today!


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3 Responses to “Tied in…to Learning”
  1. Bob Haslinger says:

    Is there any way to order online? I am too far away from Nashville to drop into your office. Do you know whether the ties are silk or polyester?

    • Hi Bob! I will find out what materials the ties are made of and let you know. We don’t have an online ordering system, but if you are willing to come by the office sometime, you could make a donation online and we can save a tie for you. Thanks!

  2. Tracy Puett says:

    I live in Arizona, and am interested in a couple of ties. Any way you could post pics so we could see the selection? I am happy to purchase 2.

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