GED Test Changes in 2014

It may seem crazy to be thinking about 2014 right now, but learners preparing to take the GED already are.  In January 2014, a new version of the GED test will be released and will include some major changes.  Most notably, the new test will be administered solely on computers and will include new technology-enhanced question types.  Learners will need to be able to scroll down a page, drag-and-drop answers to a graph or chart, navigate between tabs to read passages, type two short answers and two extended responses, copy and paste from passages into typed response areas, and select answers or symbols from a drop-down menu.  If your learner does not have these skills, please encourage him or her to use the computer labs available at both of our offices for basic computer practice.  Computer literacy is important in today’s workforce and in adult education.

GED Testing Service
The GED Testing Service offers fabulous resources to educators and test-takers alike.  The site includes online practice tests, webinars to train educators on the changes in the new version, and other resources for those who are helping an adult prepare for the test.  Take a look at their site to see what may be useful to you and your learner!

The pass rate for adults taking the GED® test on computer was 88% compared with 71% for those who tested on paper. – GED Testing Service

Challenger Adult Reading Series
The Challenger Adult Reading Series can be a great tool for a learner preparing for the GED.  In addition to reading and writing exercises, the Challenger books teach grammar, punctuation, reading comprehension, spelling, essay writing, graph & chart data interpretation, while also building vocabulary.  All of these skills will be helpful when testing day comes.

Know any other great resources on this topic?  Leave a link in a comment below!

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