Learner Spotlight: Meet Erskine

Erskine entered our program in 2002 through our partnership with Davidson County Drug Court.  With our help, he achieved his goals of finding employment and buying a house.  Erskine has been drug-free for fifteen years, and says he could not have achieved this without learning how to read.

My whole life has changed.  If I hadn’t started learning, there’s no telling where I might be today.  If  I couldn’t read, I couldn’t stay clean.  I’m just grateful for having a program like this.  I never thought I was going to be blessed to learn how to read.

What Education Means
by Erskine Hyler

Education means to me –
You won’t catch the wrong bus.
You won’t take the wrong medication.
With an education I can explore all books,
Know some things that I don’t know.

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